Small Scale Bottling
It is from Small Scale Bottling that we, Pasteurisers UK, discovered our talent in making these pasteurisers!  We found that even though people wanted to contract out to Small Scale Bottling to produce their goods, they also wanted our pasteuriers.  So in turn, as much as you may want one of our pasteurisers, you may also be interested in contracting out to Small Scale Bottling!

Small Scale Bottling;

What We Do

We’re a small drinks producer that has been asked by other producers if we could help them out, so we’re now opening up our facility to the world at large.  We've gathered a wealth of experience, and we know that that experience is valuable to you too, so our aim is to stop you making the 'big mistakes'.

Our Uniqueness

Since we started we've helped others get started too.  Occasionally some will offer contract bottling services - one of them advertises on Google all day long.  But we know that we're a bit different.  The revenue you bring today is not as important as what we can do together in the future.  We want long term partnerships  This means that we have no desire to 'stiff' you.  We're not a corporate, we're not looking to turn you upside down and shake you til your pockets are empty.  We're human, personable, and we understand what you're going through, and what works.