about our Products
At Pasteurisers UK we have qualified, multi-skilled technicians that design and manufacture our high quality fibreglass pasteurisers.

In the world of pasteurisation there are few options available to small producers:
  • Hot Fill
  • In-Bottle Pasteurisation

For many soft drinks, because of carbonation, or 'cooking' flavours, and for those who have outgrown the sometimes slow speeds of hot-fill pasteurisation, then the only viable option is hot-water bath pasteurisation.

In-bottle pasteurisation is suitable for most, if not all, semi-viscous and non-viscous liquids. Jars. bottles. etc

​​Our pasteurisers are hand made by utilising a double layer of 450grm fibreglass and resin, over resin bonded timber sheeting covering an insulating inner layerAll this is covered witha double layer of topcoat resin. We only use lloyds approved top quality resins.  This provides extremely efficient thermal properties.

When you think fibreglass DONT think of something fragile, these are robust, hard wearing  and sturdy machines that will last for many  years  in normal use.

Hot water bath pasteurisation is a process that uses  electrically heated elements to heat water in a  bath system which in turn heats pre-filled bottles/ jars  to a preset required temperature of pasteurisation for a given time, without the need for any other preservation chemicles. 

We have a system where bottles are placed, by hand, into the bath either loose or in baskets until the required temperature is met. The timer is set for the required length of time,after which a visual and audible alarm sounds. The time and temperature is pre set by digital display.